LILY Sextet

EN / FR / GE

The band brings together improvising musicians from Southern France and Northern Germany,
who met in 2016 Chez Lily in Germ under odd circumstances.
They reunited again and were joined by two more musicians from France and Germany,
Lucie Laricq and Nico Lohmann.
Their music is mostly completely improvised,
but also include music that originates in compositions by members of the ensemble.
LILY also celebrates in remembrance of pianist and improviser Connie Crothers
who is not with us anymore but whose spirit is still vivid and continues bringing together
people and musicians from the whole world.

Birgitta Flick / Tenor Sax
Nico Lohmann / Alto Sax
Lucie Laricq / Violin
Eric Avondo / Guitar
Colin Jore / Bass & Double Bass
Fabien Duscombs / Drums

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LILY Live in Germ - Chez Lily
Crédit photos : Frank Morinière

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